arktika - at zero 2010

ARKTIKA, post-rock band from Germany, founded in 2008 is going to disband. Let's hope that band will settle all problems and there will be no reason to split.

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Band announcement:
Dear friends, we have some bad news: due to different problems and new directions in life, we will soon have to close this chapter called ARKTIKA. This band meant and still means a lot to us, but certain circumstances make it impossible for us to continue as we want to. Do not mistake us: we are still best friends and still love making music. Until the final curtain drops in 2013, you will definitily hear from us again – promised! So this is not our last message. And every end may be the beginning of something new…

With following update:
Thank you all for your messages. The final curtain for Arktika hasn´t dropped yet, so stay with us for a while.
Love – Arktika

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