AMENRA "Nowena I 9.10" official video

AMENRA have released one more video from their latest release MASS V for the song "Nowena I 9.10".

Stopmotion animation: Stef Cuypers
Edit: Stef Cuypers / Mathieu Vandekerckhove
Guest vocals: Scott Kelly
Audio: recorded and mixed by Billy Anderson

the darkest hours will seem long
they will feel like for ever
then new light breaks into dawn
novena burns for my brothers at night
a flame that burns the bodies of light
brothers burn. I see the fire in their eyes.
the past is your now
the present now passed
now is the time
(everything awaits you
and the light will let you)

Hear here and see the premier of MASS V song “Nowena l 9.10”. While recording MASS V we were blessed by the presence of Scott Kelly, a man who’s ways inspired us to great extent. We are really proud to announce that he made a contribution to this song. so Ladies and Gentle men, AMENRA “Nowena l 9.10” guest vocals by Scott Kelly.

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