Adaje - Yore Veils 2012

ARCHIV HATE is sorry to say, but another great band decided to disband - ADAJE from Memphis,TN.

Band announcement:

It is with the heaviest of hearts that we announce that we are no longer a band. I will preface this by stating that we are all on good terms and love each other like brothers. Even though two of us are brothers, but i digress. These past 6 years of being a band has taught me and sameer valuable lessons. Some of which we would never learn if not for our older brother/uncle/father: mark brake. We had some lineup changes throughout the years, but mark was the first bass player we had that loved and cared for adaje the same way the both of us did. We progressed the most with him in the band, because we understood what it took to make this band work. Unfortunately, we won't be playing a last show, so if you were at murphy's a couple of months ago, congrats, because that was our last one. We did a total of 5 tours, came out with 8 releases, and went from being the oddball in memphis, to being respected by (hopefully) everyone. We appreciate that in every way. Your words flatter us, make us happy, and give us undying support. I love and thank every person, venue, and band that has ever helped us out. Memphis let us be ourselves in a city that knows no originality and we even thank you for that bluff city. Shit. There's really nothing else to say other than this band helped shape me in ways that i never knew possible and i wouldn't trade this for anything. I love every single fucking one of you. Goodbye.
-zo, mark, sam

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