wolfpussy - lupinus vaginus 2012

"Wolfpussy was formed as an attempt appease the voices of the gods so prevalent in the minds of its members, torture , torment, and all out rage being fed to them by the complacency of their genre. In all seriousness Wolfpussy is a breath of fresh air in a genre full of doom, taking much inspiration from 70's rock,metal, bands like Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath, vanilla fudge, Blue Cheer, Lord Baltimo
re,Iron Maiden,etc. They look to bring a new perspective to an already growing genre.
They're live show translates the energy their music generates, one listen to the explosive drums , melodic guitars ,or thundering bass will let you know they want you to feel the energy they dump into the soul of this band."


bandcamp: wolfpussy
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Photo: Mark Coffin

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