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Long story short, Town Portal is an instrumental rock band from Copenhagen, Denmark who are sporting curiously complex yet surprisingly catchy tunes with a dropped tune punch. October 8th saw the release of the debut album ‘Chronopoly’ on the Copenhagen-based indie label Subsuburban. The album has been praised in the national music press. In November the record will be followed up by a European tour with Extra Life drummer Nick Podgurski performing solo as Feast of the Epiphany. -town portal.

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Recklessly focused and peculiarly embracing: The debut album of Copenhageners Town Portal dares to sparkle in an abundance of different nuances. Chronopoly is a solid entry from a band with just 2 years under its belt. 
Just about one year has passed since Town Portal captured and released the first fragment of their non-verbal musical universe in the shape of the EP Vacuum Horror, which was merely released digitally on a pay-what-you-want basis. In spite of humble circumstances, the record acquired a much less humble amount of attention, receiving praising reviews in leading Danish music magazines like Soundvenue (5/6), Devilution (4/5) and Geiger, who said that “Town Portal manages to utilize all the means of music and does so on an exceptionally high level. The energy of a band young at heart, and the notion of a feeling of no limits to their own prowess, shines through…”. Furthermore the Vacuum Horror EP was launched into the international blogosphere, and got the band touring around most of the European mainland.

Since then the constellation has been reduced from four men to three, forcing Town Portal to decompose and reconstruct approaches to sound and composition. These endeavors has resulted in the debut album Chronopoly(from Greek ‘chronos’ and English ‘monopoly’). Like its predecessor this record still offers instrumental rock-music with a sludgy dropped tune hook, which serves as counterweight to complex and playful compositions. With a tireless curiosity new ways are sought out, of combining tones in untraditional ways, with the traditional guitar-bass-drum constellation. On Chronopoly though, these well-known components mutate to their extremes, and form a release that is both more complex, melodic, direct, and boundary pushing than the predecessor; an exponential development in a well-governed welter of metal, shoegaze, indie, and progressive rock.

During this fall the album will be followed by a set of Danish shows, as well as Town Portal’s third international tour, that in the course of two weeks will take the band through Germany, France and Switzerland, in the company of American Feast of the Epiphany.

Town Portal’s Chronopoly LP is the fifth release of the independent Copenhagen-based vinyl label Subsuburban. A label that in just over a year released four high quality records with a small array of international acts: American Time Columns and Silian Rail, Italian Valerian Swing, and the Stockholm-based one-man act Flourescent Heights. Subsuburban has active distribution both physically and digitally. Records can be found in just about all notable record stores in Scandinavia, and in select stores in the U.S.A (NYC, San Fransisco and Austin), Italy, Great Britain (through Norman Records), Germany and Benelux (via. Belgian Dunk Records and German Kapitan Platte). Town Portal is the first “local” signing of Subsuburban. An interesting new beginning for an atypical record label’s actual, serious, and awaited advent into the Danish scene.

Support the band and buy Town Portal's "Chronopoly" vinyl at Subsuburban!

Upcoming Shows w. Feast of the Epiphany:
07.11 Germany Potsdam Black Fleck
08.11 Germany Göttingen JUZI
09.11 Germany Hannover UJZ Korn
10.11 Germany Bremen Treue
11.11 France Paris La Cantine
12.11 Switzerland Zurich Boschbar
13.11 Italy Bolzano Point
15.11 Switzerland Basel Villa Rosenau
16.11 Germany Cologne Limes
17.11 Germany Berlin Schokoladen
18.11 Germany Chemnitz AC17

Town Portal is:
Christian Henrik Ankerstjerne: guitar
Morten Ogstrup Nielsen: bass
Malik Breuer Bistrup: drums

Chronopoly (album info)
Released October 8th 2012 on Subsuburban/Distribution: Rillbar. Format: LP (colored vinyl with download) + digital download.

All songs written and performed by Town Portal. Recorded by Jakob Reichert Nielsen and Christian Henrik Ankerstjerne in spring 2012. Mixed and mastered by Carl Amburn at the Mousetrap. Artwork by Alf Lenni Erlandsen and Christian Henrik Ankerstjerne. Layouts by Cameron at Twoducksdisco.

Contact Band: // +45 22262798 (Morten)
Label: // +45 28856262 (Alf Lenni)

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