drose - a voice 7" 2012

"Columbus, OH's Drose saunter up to the forefront with this here single of heavy tunes and mournful atmosphere. They do a wonderful job of juxtaposing beauty and ugliness with crushingly heavy industrial death drums that echo to early Swans and a hint of Godflesh and art damaged guitar work that would make Blixa Bargeld blush. But don't be fooled, Drose aren't just here to pummel your skull or flay open your skin, there amongst all the industrial din is a melodic quivering sung vocal adding an aesthetic of despair and haunted beauty to Drose's unique sound. Drose deliver a dark and depraved single of negative brain sonics that'll guarantee you'll be leaving the lights on and checking under the bed before bedtime. "A Voice", "A Cry", "My Face" and "Knuckle" play out like the mantra of a prowler in the yard as he battles his own mind of uncertainty. Certainly recommended."


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