doommantia vol. 1 VA 2012

"This compilation was put together to raise money to benefit Ed Barnard of He suffered a heart attack and due to huge medical bills, he is now homeless. 39 bands from all around the world have contributed over 4 hours of music. Killer artwork was donated by Coby Ellison. A $7 donation gets you these tracks but you can donate more if you have the means to do so. Lets help get Ed back on his feet and keep Doommantia alive!"

"The first ever Doommantia.Com Compilation is now available for download for only $7 from BANDCAMP. Immediate download of no less than 39 tracks of doomy goodness, over 4 hours long. Bands featured are Blackwolfgoat, At Devil Dirt, Low Gravity, Ichabod, Fister, Undersmile, Compel, Iron Man, Wizard's Beard, Oceans Rainbow, Beelzefuzz, Conan, Lazarus Complex, Spyderbone, Order Of The Owl, Dope Flood, War Injun, Heathen Bastard, Halmos, Kriz, Bongripper, Demonaut, In The Company Of Serpents, Switchblade Jesus, Pale Divine, When The Deadbolt Breaks, Bastards Of The Skies, Gorgantherron, Screaming Mad Dee and Alex Vanderzeeuw, Chowder, War Iron, Hollow Leg, Crawl, Desolation, Ketea, Sludgethrone, Vulture, Wolfpussy andThe Departure. That is some bang for your buck!!!

All proceeds go to the Ed Barnard homeless fund so it is a very worthy cause. Thanks to all the bands involved and to Tim Davis who worked so hard putting all of this together. Head to BANDCAMP now to get your download." -doommantia.

Blackwolfgoat - Tyche
At Devil Dirt - Let It Flow
Low Gravity - 27 Names
Ichabod - Hollow God
Fister - Deaf Wish
Undersmile - Anchor
Compel - A National Acrobat (Black Sabbath)
Iron Man - Choices (Acoustic)
Wizard's Beard - Subirse el Muerto
OceansRainbow - Metatron's Cube
Beelzefuzz - Peace Mind
Conan - Hawk as Weapon (Live)
Lazarus Complex - The Least of These
Spyderbone - Your God
Order of the Owl - Cocaine Super Demon (7-Inch Edit)
Dope Flood - Uncertain
War Injun - War Injun
Heathen Bastard - Cannabis Giganticus
Halmos - Theory
Kri┼ż - Surrounded by Evil (Fulfilled with Love)
Bongripper - Sex Tape
Demonaut - Fallen/Risen
In the Company of Serpents - Malice
Switchblade Jesus - Oblivion (Live)
Pale Divine - Black Coven
When the Deadbolt Breaks - The Scavengers Daughter
Bastard of the Skies - Grays Sports Almanac
Gorgantherron - Cemetery Shoes
Screaming Mad Dee and Alex Vanderzeeuw - The Situation Dies
Chowder - The Innsmouth Look
War Iron - Inch Cape
Hollow Leg - Warbeast
Crawl - Butchers Hollar
Desolation - The Light is Gone
Ketea - Quiet Ruin
Sludgethrone - Tortured Reach
Vulture - Long I Crawl
Wolfpussy - Last Call
The Departure - Farewell

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