art as catharsis records - stargazing under southern skies VA 2012

"Stargazing under Southern Skies' is a specially curated selection of our favourite Australian ambient, post and shoegaze artists. Be dazzled by the virtuosity of Tangled Thoughts of Leaving, drift away on a wave of elation provided by sleepmakeswaves, survey the cinematic soundscapes of Dumbsaint, bask in the gorgeous melodies of Brian Campeau, and let Pirate do your physics homework.

We also feature splendid sounds from We Lost the Sea (who are soon to release the best post-metal record of 2012), Melbourne post/prog veterans Mushroom Giant, Squat Club, Nuclear Summer, Solkyri, The Matador, Adrift for Days, Lander Configurations, race to your face, and Captain Kickass and the Awesomes. Please listen, share and enjoy. The future for Australian music is bright." -art as catharsis records.

1. Dumbsaint - Cinematic
2. Tangled Thoughts of Leaving - Throw Us to the Wind
3. Squat Club - Corvus
4. Solkyri - This Can't Wait!
5. sleepmakeswaves - now we rise and we are everywhere
6. Adrift for Days - Gravity Well
7. Captain Kickass and the Awesomes - Laughin on the Inside
8. Nuclear Summer - See You In Hell
9. Brian Campeau - So Long Angela
10. Mushroom Giant - The Drake Equation
11. Lander Configurations - Mariposa
12. race to your face - the amazon has low self esteem
13. Pirate - Time Minus Five
14. The Matador - Kingdom of Glass
15. We Lost the Sea - Barkhan Charge

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