ARCHIV HATE interview magazine issue #01

ARCHIV HATE interview magazine have been released. This mag will be issued every two months and will include interviews with cool people, musicians, artists, awesome bands, original entrepreneurs, tattoo artists and many more.

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ARCHIVHATE.pdf download link

If you have something to share you are welcome to contact ARCHIV HATE at: ARCHIVHATE@GMAIL.COM


  1. Hey, this is fucking fantastic - a real labour of love. Is it just digital or is there a printed version as well?

    Next week I will post all your links for it.


  2. hi, Tony! glad you like it! unfortunately it's available only in digital and downloadable pdf version. will consider printable version in near future. maybe with the next issue.. :)

  3. STOKED! Lovely work Arturs! Just downloading now, and will be reading this evening... Brilliant!

  4. hey, Morgan!

    thanks! I'm really excited as well and can't wait to start my job on the second issue. keep in touch!

    and once again thank you for support!



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