Von Drakus - The End 2012 + interview

Interview with German band VON DRAKUS. Fragment from "This Far And No Further" lyrics:
"every thing has to have an end this far and no further 
we have to bring this to an end 
enforce a whole new beginning "

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interview with VON DRAKUS
Q. VON DRAKUS is welcome to share thoughts and visions about the music! Please introduce to yourself for the people who might are not familiar with Von Drakus.
We are four friends from Gießen/Germany and we play hardcore punk together since 2009.
We've so far released a diy-tape in 2011 called "The Mirror", as well as now a one-sided 12", "The End", with the help of Dark Omen and Dingleberry Records.

Q. Can you describe the sound of VON DRAKUS? Is there something what you are trying to develop, something what makes your own sounding?
Although we are influenced by a lot of great bands, we don't strive to sound like any one of them. We also don't care about what sounds hip in today's or tomorrow's hardcore music.
We just play music and try to express our feelings... anxiety, rage, despair... this is what comes out of it.

Q. VON DRAKUS latest record is “The End”, released in August, 2012. Available digitally, also this release is important because it’s your first vinyl, recorded on 12”. What does the vinyl means to you?
We always wanted to release our music on vinyl, it's great. You get a nice large artwork and lyricsheet, and the vinyl itself of course: every piece is unique, it sounds raw, better, and it's overall a much more conscious way of listening to the music.
If one insists on a CD, there are 50 handnumbered pieces out there since March, find one, otherwise download it for free and burn it yourself. If one pays for our music, he/she should get something valuable. That's why we chose vinyl and that's why the basic design and artwork was very important to us.

Q. This is something what you would like to hold in your hands for days - the artwork for “The End” is a masterpiece.
Thanks, we're also really happy with it.
We had of course a basic idea of how it should look like, but when Sara and Sam showed us their work, this was something we haven't even dreamt of. The result is amazing and we thank both of them.

Q. I’m not familiar with other Sara Winkle & Sam works, but it looks like VON DRAKUS “The Mirror” (released in July, 2011) cassette artwork is done by the Sara & Sam too, right?
No, the tape design and artwork was made by our guitarist Julian. Since Sara and Sam knew this design, and since we did the basic concept for the LP, it shares some similarities with the tape.
If you want to see more of Sara's and Sam's work, visit http://www.sarawinkle.com/d-e-s-i-g-n and http://bloodbankdesign.tumblr.com. And of course, if you don't already know Sam's band GLASSES, you should listen to them: http://glasseshc.bandcamp.com.

Q. By the way, VON DRAKUS “The End” is released via exclusive German record label - Dark Omen Records.
Yes, we're very grateful for Jonas' help. With all his energy, he got Dark Omen Records going in such a short time, releasing quality music. Jonas really puts his heart and soul into DOR, the music and the scene.
And so does Tim from Dingleberry Records, who too helps us with the release and distribution. Like Jonas, Tim is from Gießen and a good friend of us, and he's supporting us since the beginning in 2009.
Many thanks to both of them!

Q. Can you describe the process of the lyrics writing? I must say that total duration of the songs from both releases “The Mirror” & “The End” do not exceed half an hour play, but song lyrics are really long ones. What inspires you to this?
We play fast, and because we don't want to repeat ourselves over and over again, the lyrics are pretty long. That's basically it. Or André doesn't know when to stop.

Q. What is the vision of VON DRAKUS in near future?
Right now we concentrate on playing more shows -- having fun, getting to know new bands, people and places. That's always exciting.
Of course we keep writing new songs, and if all goes well we will record another release in the coming year.

von drakus & archiv hate.

buy this awesome peace of art at Dark Omen Record shop: http://darkomenrecords.storenvy.com/products/543528-von-drakus-the-end-12-dor005

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