the cruelest animal - white light and the empire collapse 2012

“White light and the empire collapse” is the first ep by the Cruelest Animal. Upon hearing it, people have had a tendency to refer to it as a song. That is how we would like you to experience it. Although it’s divided into 8 separate tracks, white light is really a single piece of music that morphs and transitions through different states of mood and mind. Comprised of various flavors of rhythm and melody entangled with abstract social and political themes, White light and the empire collapse aims to invigorate.

the cruelest animal.

Derek Donley: vocals
Alex Crane: drums, guitars
Josh Newell: bass (tracks 3, 5 and 6)
Chris Waldrep: vocals (tracks 1 and 5) guitars (track 4)
Grant Lewis: keys
Matt Boylan and Dennis Valles: bass (track 7)
Sacha Dunable: vocals (track 8) guitar (track 7 and 8)
Joe Lester: bass (tracks 1, 2 and 8)
Austin Burcham: snare drum (track 2)
Luna and Hachi: the best studio companions
Sako Karaian: drum tuning
all music written and recorded by Alex Crane and Derek Donley
mixed by Alex
mastered by Dan Certa
artwork by Alex

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