means to an end - winter demo 2011

"the day we've been dreading for so long is finally upon us" -- the distance between us is growing more and more each day. i'm watching us fade away. our pictures crumble to dust. the harder we try the weaker we get. the longer this lasts the more we hurt. walls are being built between us. and they are only getting bigger. all i want is for you to be happy. why do we do this to each other? but you will never be happy with me. all i want is for you to be happy, but you'll never be happy with me.

"spare me your false comforts, spare me another sunrise" -- every day is a battle of attrition. twenty-four hours of being beaten into submission. and i watch myself in the mirror turn into a walking corpse. another day passed is another pyrrhic victory. another word spoken is another white lie. spare me your false comforts, spare me another sunrise. and give me the oblivion of unconsciousness, the peace i long for.

"when we have each other, we have nothing" - i can't take anymore. i'm tired of worthless tears. beating my head over a prize no longer of gold but lead. what was once so radiant now rusts and crumbles. you are the cause. i won't give anymore. take back everything you've said. take back every moment we've shared. keep the lies you've yet to tell. just get out of my life.

"untitled two" - i'll never make a home here because i always feel alone. i know i can't survive. i'll die here in the cold. and i keep asking where you've been. because i can still hear your voice and i can still feel your skin.

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