Generator Ohm - Upon The Me Om I 2012

"Ernest D'amaso, Michael R.P. Morales and Willie Chen created Generator Ohm in 2010. Their union, facilitated by the genesis of EndAnd, took place in the heart of Brooklyn. Because of the friendly, cooperative, and productive environment of King Killer Studios, where Generator Ohm calls home, their certain fate was sealed on the terms of the affable and the dreamer. This was a place where musical endeavors could blossom: A place where work could be accomplished. And by the summer of 2012, Generator Ohm had produced in the company of the venerable Dan Kramer, a record of their last two musical years, a record of high fidelity.

Generator Ohm's debut album, Upon the Me Om I, is an aural panacea against the spirit of sloth settling in digital sediment. Upon the Me Om I is a genre-bending collection of songs written by Ernest D'amaso, or by Willie Chen, or as a collective writing unit. While the songs are different, the tie that binds is the spirit of Rock n Roll that all three members hold to high esteem. Michael, who came late into the band after the songs of Upon the Me Om I were constructed and arranged, brought the fulfilment Ernest and Willie long sought for in the second year of Generator Ohm. His eclectic style of varied influences from jazz and world music, to pop and punk was the exact rhythmic counterpart Generator Ohm songs needed. There are Pop sentiments everywhere hidden under the raw tone of Ernest and Willie's unpredictable playing styles.

Once Michael joined the band to bring Generator Ohm out of it's nativity, the group blossomed in its second year and began their efforts to put their songs to tape. What began as a two piece in 2010 was now a complete triumvirate of esteemed musical calibre. In the Fall of the following year, 2011, all stars aligned for the path to making Gen Ohm's first release. They approached the project with their eyes and ears on the sounds of Fugazi's Repeater, The Pixies' Surfer Rosa and Come on, Pilgrim, RHCP's 'Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magik', Nirvana's 'Bleach' and Jeff Buckley's 'Grace'. Six months later, a completed LP was produced and ready for the masses. Meanwhile, Generator Ohm played weekly shows in support of their new record all across the lower NYC area. By March of 2012, Generator Ohm had found a place for themselves amongst the ranks of high-calibre musical talents surging out of King Killer Studios, in Gowanus of Brooklyn, NYC. Now, Generator Ohm runs to the future of music with a crew of superb Brooklyn bands such as EndAnd, The mOrgans, The Stink, Kenji Urada, Capita Clip, and TinVulva. It is not the work of one band, but that of a wave of bands that define the value of the era. This is a birth; a singularity that will flower into a significant musical movement of New York.

The future is bright for a band like Generator Ohm. With skills to write songs of any tempo, depth, genre and melody, Generator Ohm will be creating the artistic facsimile of the world for years to come. An EP slated for production later this year is on the wings, and materials for a second LP are already in the bag. To truly understand Generator Ohm's pursuit of passion, one must see with their own eyes and hear the music as it is produced by the electricity of the human heart. Go to a Generator Ohm show. They occur often in New York City (mostly in Brooklyn). And witness the power of human expression. Then, when you are back from the show, dig into the valuable lessons and relevant perspectives they cogently evince in their lyrics. This book is worth reading from top to bottom...and it is a raucous, hard hitting, bottom-line delivering sonic response to life in the 21st century.

Generator Ohm refers to the heart in every man and woman, and the resistance they must face when accepting the will to live." -generator ohm.

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