depravation - I:PRAEDICTVM 2012 + Dark Omen Record interview

Interview with hardcore band Depravation & record label Dark Omen Record leader.

Q. Introduce to yourself and tell what you are doing for the living for those who not know you.
Hi my name is Jonas. I am 24 years old and I study in Giessen, to become a teacher for elementary school one day, in a future far far away... Since studying alone won't pay the rent I've got 3 jobs...which often is as stressful as it sounds.

Q. What came first - Dark Omen Records or Depravation?
Well, the idea for Depravation came first, but Dark Omen Records was born before. Even though the idea for the label came later. I think it was last fall, when my buddy Jens (who also plays guitar in Depravation) and his band Derelyction wanted to record and release a demo. We talked about on which format they want to release it and stuff. They planned to release it on CD, which I thought was lame (and they have not done to this day ;) ), because I feel that a CD is not such a cool thing as a vinyl or a tape. This was when the idea was born to make a label and release music. It took a while for everything to come together, because we wanted to do something 'special', but this year in spring the first DOR release was finished.

Q. Dark Omen is offering exclusive releases recorded in to cassette. Why did you choose this type of recorder?
As mentioned above I'm not a huge fan of CDs. I think a vinyl record, or a tape offers more 'emotional' value. You have to make a bigger 'effort' to listen to a vinyl record. It also makes you listen to the music more intensively. It looks and it feels better than a CD. Well, unfortunately I'm a broke student who can't afford to release on vinyl. That's why number two on my list was the cassette. It shares many of the above features, but it is way cheaper to produce. It also offers a lot of ways to design every tape indivdually, which is what I try to do. I always like it better when the music I buy has some special gimmick, is limited and is nice to look at.

Q. Only one band supported by Dark Omen is not from Germany. How did you get Koloss from Sweden involved? Planning to involve more other country bands?
I stumbled upon Koloss somewhere in the depths of the internet one day and downloaded their album. The funny thing is, I really got into this band and their awesome record, when I visited Latvia and Estland last year with my girlfriend. We stayed in Riga, which is right around the corner, where you live, as we noted. So we were on a five hour busride from Riga to Tallin and I listened to the album for almost the entire ride. The music was the perfect soundtrack to the baltic nature which was passing by. Well...enough of romantic anecdotes and coincidences. I just liked the music and had something nice for the tape in mind. So I figured I'd just give it a try, wrote the guys a message and after a few messages we worked everything out. Really nice guys which make awesome music and actually deserve way more attention, than they have. The paper used for the inlays is handmade by the way. So there are not two copies who look exactly alike.

I don't have something planned out yet, but I think one or the other future band on DOR will come from other countries.

Q. Deprevation founded in December, 2011. Tell us about the band and the band name.
Though, we were founded in December 2011, the idea to start a band was in Jens' and my mind since 2009, I think. We played in a band before, and when the band called it quits we were sure we wanted to do something together. But finding people, a rehearsal space and time to come together and play was quite difficult at that time, since I was living in Mannheim, which is about 150km away from Giessen. We got together with a mutual friend, Fridge (he now plays drums in Harm/Shelter) to play once, but that was it. So we finally got Depravation rolling two years later, when I changed to Giessen, to continue my studies here. After that it was no big deal. Pelle (drums) and Philipp (guitar), which where friends with us joined. We looked for a bass player and found one, who only was with us for a few weeks, since I guess the music was not quite his style. We quickly found a replacement in our friend Blöcher. So since February we have a constant lineup. This is Depravation and I can't imagine any of these guys leaving. So I'm positive we'll stay in this constellation until the end.

Q. The lyrics - it’s really something like what human existence is going to and there is no doubt that it will end like last lines of the song “Ruins Of Mankind”: Neither King Nor Servant Shall Be Spared, Grounds Rip Open, Swallow All Civilization.
We get a lot of inspiration from stuff like the medieval times, inquisition, plagues, the apocalypse, insanity and other dark stuff. So these lyrics are, as one can easily guess, about the end of the world and humanity. I think they are pretty clear and leave little space for interpretation. The end of days will come and nature as well as all people will demise. Hahaha...sounds as if we're some cheap TV-preachers.

Q. What we can expect from Depravation and Dark Omen Records in near future?
We're planning on recording tracks for a full length with Depravation this October. There might be news on our demo as well in a few days or weeks, but nothing worth speaking of just yet. If you want to stay up to date like us on Facebook ( and read the newest gossip. Also we hope to play as much live as possible. So if you have a gig for us just hit us up. We'll play for a little gasmoney, food, booze and a place to sleep.

As for Dark Omen Records, I will help out Von Drakus ( distributing and promoting their new vinyl. You should definitely check these guys out if you're into agressive Hardcore/Punk. Besides that, there are no concrete plans for now. But everyone should keep their eyes open for news. The best way to do this is to follow the DOR blog ( or give the Facebookpage ( a like.

depravation/dark omen record & archiv hate.

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