Adrift For Days - Come Midnight​...+ interview 2012

Adrift For Days album "Come Midnight..." out 16 July 2012. Interview with Adrift For Days.

Q. Please introduce to yourself. It can be in the manner how you introduce Adrift for Days to the listeners when performing live.We usually introduce ourselves live with a cacophony of feedback. Since that doesn’t really work in written form; we are Adrift for Days, a “smoked-out psychedelic dronefuzz” band from Sydney, Australia.

Q. how many band members do AFD have? You all come from Australia and play together since very first day?
There are five of us in our physical form. To begin with, the drummer Steve and I previously played in a grind band together, but our tastes and temperaments shifted. One time we went to a secluded country manor, drop some acid and jammed drone for multiple hours. Our path was forged from there, and we began to recruit new members for our new project.

Q. In fact, despite that I had a digital copy of “The Lunar Maria” since 2011, I had no idea that AFD is from Australia. I discovered awesome Australian artist compilation "Drone from the Underside of the Earth” released by “Art As Catharsis” records and there it was – Adrift for Days. How did you get involved in this project?Simple answer: I am Art As Catharsis. It’s my little project, so of course I was going to include my own bands in the compilation I spent so many hours putting together.

Q. "Drone from the Underside of the Earth” compilation has quite impressive artist list. Are there some more bands that did not managed to get to the list but is worth to be mentioned?Well, most of my favourite stoner, doom or drone bands are on that compilation (that was exactly the point), but a few worth mentioning are Encircling Sea, Agonhymn and Whitehorse.

Q. Adrift for Days, Hydromedusa, Mother Mars, Law of the Tongue, In Trenches, No Anchor, NOÛS. I named "Drone from the Underside of the Earth” compilation bands which releases have been posted to Archiv Hate. Name your favorite artist and song from this list.That’s a hard one… I’d say my favourite handful of artists on that compilation are Space Bong, Hydromedusa, and Mother Mars. The coolest bands I discovered while putting this album together are Houndini and Sons of the Ionian Sea.

Q. There was 2 years gap from previous release. What inspired you to release “Come Midnight...”?
Well, we felt like we rushed things when we recorded The Lunar Maria. At the time we were just really pushing to have something recorded and released. This time around, we wanted to make sure we took our time and did things to the best of our ability. We spent a lot more time working through our new songs, and a lot more time and money in the studio itself.

Q. Can't stop listening to "Gravity well" & "Back of the beyond". Which is your favorite song from the upcoming release?That’s a tough one. To be honest it changes all the time. I love the middle section of “House of Cards”, and I love the way The Back of the Beyond turned out.

Q. Tour plans for the 2012/2013?
Well, we’re playing in Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney over the next few months to launch our album, and we really hope to hit Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Canberra before the year is out.

13/07 - John Curtin Hotel, Melbourne: Mushroom Giant, Adrift for Days (NSW), Spider Goat Canyon, Roussemoff.
14/07 - Enigma Bar, Adelaide: Space Bong, Adrift for Days (NSW), Hydromedusa, Leather Messiah.
10/08 - The Lansdowne Hotel: Adrift for Days, Space Bong (SA), Summonus, We Lost the Sea.

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*Adrift For Days are looking for partners to release "Come Midnight..." on vinyl. If you are interested please get in touch.

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