Octahed - Circum Polaris 2012

Formerly known as The Wheelchair Werewolf, members of the Budapest-based band were decided to reach a different musical scale with new soundscapes, while keeping the same attitude and open-minded approach with renewing it’s membership. That’s the way, how Circum PolarisOctahed’s first album was born. Hailing from the capital of Hungary, Octahed became one of the most colorful newcomers of it’s local underground scene.

Influenced by internationally admitted acts like The Dillinger Escape Plan, Devil Sold His Soul, Botch, Merzbow, Mastodon and The Number Twelve Looks Like You, the band could progressively build up it’s darkened but passionate image. That’s the reason why we can face Circum Polaris as a concept album: the booklet’s astronomic and alchemist symbols are breaking the linear time-concept either in the tracks atmosphere, or in the lyrics, and turning it’s universal revelation into a coherent journey.

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