cutthroat convention - call it the blues & nail it to the x 2012

"Unusual bands making a devilish noise, fusion can have unpredictable outcomes but this band thrives on the edges of a blend of heavy metal and electronica, avoiding the clich├ęs of either genre." Fadedglamour

"if your after something completly different CutThroatConVentioN achieve this goal in spades....." Tom Robinson Show BBC Radio 6

"but more interesting are UK/Japan's CC, a nutball visual art project as much as a band. Expect crazed violins among their post-punk stylings" Time Out

"Crashing cacophony of off-kilter beats and violins and electronic shit, but it’s all held together nicely by some rather manic sounding vocals."" - Loudhorizon

"eclectic unique, behind some excellent intimidating vocals and great playing,love the name Cutthroat Convention.first class" - Future music

"Cutthroat Convention Melted My Brain! The music (although, make no mistake, this definitely pushes the boundaries of music) was indescribable. , sounds like a gang of punks batting a post rock band round a car park with laser beam baseball bats, i like it!……." The Number of the blog

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