young hunter - stone tools 2012

"Young Hunter is pleased to announce the release of our first full-length album "Stone Tools." Recorded at home over several months of constant attention and labor, it is now finished, and flaws-be-damned, we're quite happy with it.

The physical album comes in a hand-screened black sleeve, along with a cover that unfolds into a huge two-sided poster, with lyrics on one side and on the other, a verse poem that provides a contextual backbone to the record.

The album is available now at our Bandcamp page, along with T-Shirts. Go on and an give it a listen for free. And feel free to barter with us- we want people to have this music.

And thank you, we are truly grateful for your interest in this project." -Y H

bandcamp: young hunter

"A child has been born
and it's name is the future
it has come to consume our world.
It plays with fire
and nurses
building it's appetite."

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