Wolves Carry My Name - Amongst Ruins And Ashes 2012 + interview

"WOLVES CARRY MY NAME is a five-piece Sludge band from Siegen/Germany. Born in late 2011, this profane cult intends to set the world's decline to music by arranging furious, heart bending and manifold soundscapes somewhere between brokenness, abomination and anger.

The headstrong sound combines heavy Sludge/Stoner riffing with Ambient/Post-Rock elements, a slight Psychedelic/Blues touch and both desperate and hate driven vocals."
wolves carry my name.

interview with wolves carry my name below!

"Q: WOLVES CARRY MY NAME is a new band, formed just in late 2011. Can you tell something more about band member previous band experience? Any other projects in process?A: We all come from different musical backgrounds ranging from death metal to alternative rock. Our drummer and bass player are involved in an hardcore band “Blood By Days”, which combines heavy riffing with melodic parts and rap vocals. One of our guitarists also plays in an alternative rock band “Acid Lake”. The bottom line is that we are or have been active in different musical genres, but Wolves Carry My Name is a new sound experience for all of us.

Q: How did you all come to conclusion to form WOLVES CARRY MY NAME? Tell us about band name.
A: The decision to form Wolves Carry My Name was fairly simple. We love the blend heavy riffing
and atmospheric sounds, but were never able to live out our passion for this kind of music until we formed Wolves Carry My Name.
The band name comes from the Neconomicon. We were searching for a band name with an occult touch and you can't get any more occult than H.P. Lovecraft.

Q: What is your source of inspiration?
A: First of all it is of course the music itself, ranging from 60s and 70s rock music to 90s sludge and modern post-metal bands. Cinematography and other visual art forms also contribute to the source of the inspiration. The lyrical themes are influenced by personal struggles and moments of misery but never become too obvious for the listener.

Q: WCMN tour plans for the 2012 and when can I expect to see you performing live in Latvia?
A: We are going to play a few shows across Germany in 2012, but we are clearly focused on writing the new material right now. We hope that we will be able to play some gigs beyond the German border or participate in some of the doom/stoner focused festivals. Maybe we will even reach Latvia.

Q: Any plans for the further releases?
A: We are currently writing new material and there are many ideas floating around. We hope, that our next release will be able to take the sound to a new level...more heaviness and atmosphere, but still keep the stoner flavour. The time will show, if it will become an new EP or a full fledged album. It would also be great to get in touch with other bands or labels and maybe release a split.

Q: What band do you wish to see live? 
A: Well I think everyone of us would take a time machine to see Black Sabbath in the 70s. As for me, I still have to see Swans and Portishead live on stage.

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