objects - wear a different head 2012

"We’re Objects from Wroclaw, Poland. We’re lazy and inspired by life, death, love, hate, people, films, photographs and obviously music. Not only heavy stuff. Objects are a resultant of our personalities, skills, lack of skills, fun and inspirations. We play violent rock music." -objects.

bandcamp: objects
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check out awesome videos from most epic venue of all times "Wroclaw's Film Studios":

Objects - Despise (live@WFF)

Objects - Plethora (live@WFF)

Objects - Envidia (live@WFF)

OBJECTS "Wear A Different Head" CD Limited Handmade Edition is now available !!!
The rules are simple:
You can name your price for the CD. It doesn't have it's still price. It's up to you.
The cost is: Your price + 3.50 PLN ( 0.80 cents ) for postage.
All the benefit we collect goes to EKOSTRAZ foundation, which is a non-profit organization. These guys help animals in Wroclaw, Poland and around.
All the CDs are handmade ! We do it all by ourselves (print, fold, burn, paint)
They all come in bubble envelopes with a objects stencil.
This is an limited edition of 50 pieces !
email us objectsnoise@gmail.com

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