wu-tang pulp - monty hall expo

"Hunker down with "Monty Hall Expo", the latest piece of glass off Wu-Tang Pulp, the long awaited tribute to bullet holes in the windows of the 160 Building in Shaolin from the Wrecking Crew (Curly Castro x Has-Lo x Zilla Rocca).
  Curly Castro x Zilla Rocca - Monty Hall Expo (prod by Zilla Rocca) #WUTANGPULP by wreckingcrew215

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Produced by yours truly and featuring Curly Castro, this song has been a staple of our live set since 2010. We've performed this monster in countless venues, Philly to Phoenix. Flipping Ghostface's classic "Mighty Healthy" into a speaker bleeder was easy like bank heists in the '60s. Curly Castro's verse is walking through the Wu universe step by step as a youth in Brooklyn. Five Deadly Venoms on VHS. Jackie or Jet Li. Neighborhood joes in Starter caps. Alleyway kids pushing lah to the Darkman.  For my part, I just pulled the pin and let it blow. Stylish and powerful non sequiturs on vodka nights, twin sisters, and bottle rockets. Wish you could see us..."

zilla rocca.


Zilla Rocca - "Devil's Pie" (prod by Small Professor)

Zilla Rocca feat Has-Lo & Open Mike Eagle - "Full Spectrum 2" (L'Orange Remix)

Wrecking Crew x Boogieman Dela x David Little - "Pulp Banga 101" (prod by Small professor) off Wu-Tang Pulp

Wrecking Crew (Zilla Rocca x Curly Castro x Has-Lo) - "Scallops" (prod by Y?Arcka) off Wu-Tang Pulp

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