Rorcal - Heliogabalus & Prelude To Heliogabalus + interview

"rorcal sees the light in Geneva (Switzerland) in 2006.

After four efforts between 2007 and 2008 and more than 100 shows through Europe, 2010 is marked by the band’s fifth block: HELIOGABALUS. Highly acclaimed by the public and the critics, this one marks a radical change in the band’s music. Obsessively dark and heavy, this 70 minutes monolithic piece sees rorcal sink deeper into the abysses of sound."


interview with rorcal below.
*first songs of Rorcal? how and when?
«Duplicate the Stream Theora», available on our fist EP : «The Way we are, the way we were, the way we will be...»
It was in summer 2006. The writing was incredibly natural. It’s maybe the song that came the most easily to us.

*how do you write music?
All together (except the vocal lines). Just sharing ideas, trying, arguing for hours until something interesting happens.

*how would you describe Rorcal music?
What we’re playing is in constant evolution/change. We first played post hardcore stuff («Myrra, Mordvynn, Marayaa»), then some realy doom-drone stuff («Heliogabalus»). For about a year, we have been writing and playing live some music way more influenced by black metal. Actualy, the Doom label that has been put into the band a few years ago doesn’t fit that well with our current mus! ! ical orientation.

*what is your source of inspiration?
Every thing that every one of us is listening at the time when we’re writing something.

*kehlvin, solar flare, profond barathre, malvoisie splits. why these bands?
About Kehlvin and Solar Flare, we worked with them not only because we like their music, but also because they are really good and close friends. The concept of the split with Profond Barathre and Malvoisie was a bit different. Even though they are now good friends too, the initial idea was to work with some people that we only know through their music.

*what about full length? soon?
Two more splits with other bands are on the writing process and will be released during fall and winter 2012 (we hope). We’re planning to release a new full length album during 2013, which will certainly be composed of several songs of the past and future spli! ts,! and some new stuff never released before.

*do you know any Latvian bands?
Dies Irae (death metal) and Tesa (post hardcore). Would be nice to know some more if you have some names to suggest!

*when can I expect you to see performing live in Latvia?
As soon as possible! But Rorcal is still something that we do next to our respective jobs and social/family life. So, touring more then a few weeks per year is quite impossible.. But one day we will!
*what band do you wish you had most seen?
Koreisch, from the UK.

rorcal & archiv hate.
RORCAL - Világvége V Exclusive track, out on Falling Down Compilation IIV

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