grip of delusion radio - book of riff elations:(the gospel of the chosen) VA 2012

"This album is the special one. These songs are chosen by the great people that have helped Grip Of Delusion Radio become what it is. These folks spend their own time to put together shows, or find new bands and even reach out to the people that make this music great so, I think it's only right that they get an extra bit of recognition. Make sure you check out the Schedule page on and tune into all the great shows."

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1.Eibon-Entering Darkness(Wicked Lady Show)
2.Black Space Riders-Sun Vs. Moon(Wicked Lady Show)
3.Misty Morning-Astrosacophagus(Doomanoid Podcast)
4.Iron Void-Spell Of Ruin(Doomanoid Podcast)
5.Ararat-Lobos De Guerra Y Cazadores(Wake Up/Universe)
6.Hypnos69-An Aerial Architect(Wake Up/Universe)
7.The Disease Concept-Suboxone Blues(Rock Bottom) (My Ghetto)
8.Fistula-Destroying The Master's House(With The Master's Tools) (My Ghetto)
9.Major Kong-Acid Transmission(The Soda Shop Podcast)
10.Electric Taurus-Prelude To The Madness(Fuzzed Out)
11.Weed Priest-Thy Kingdom Come(Fuzzed Out)
12.Thanasphere-Thanasphere(The Corridor Of Doom)
13.-(16)- Grip Of Delusion(Black Light Revolution)
14.Thou-Helen Hill Will Have Her Revenge On New Orleans(BLR)
15.Twin Giant-Pale Blue Dot(Wreckage Metal Radio)
16.Methra-Xipe Totec(Wreckage Metal Radio)
17.Behold! The Monolith-We Are The Worm(Super Rock Sunday)
18.Crowned By Fire-Prone To Destroy(Super Rock Sunday)
19.Elliott's Keep-Beloved(Crestfallen)
20.Apostle Of Solitude-December Drives Me To Tears(Crestfallen)
21.Grime-Born Sick(The Soggy Bog)
22.Weekend Beast-King One(The Soggy Bog)
23.Buffalo Witch-Satanic Alters(Sucking The 70's)
24.Shroud Of Despondency-The Great Sadness Decends(PWP))
25.Vulture-Dead Sea(Heavy Planet Podcast)
26.Arenna-Receiving The Liquid Writings(Heavy Planet Podcast)
27.Galaxies In The River-Omega Machine(Gruesome Tunes)
28.Enchantress-Heavy Air(Gruesome Tunes)
29.Tac Pouc Systeme-Asmodai(1971) (Howls From The Desert)
30.Rise Of The Willing-Gates Of Hell(Howls From The Desert)
31.Apostle Of Solitude-Frontiers Of Pain(Doom Rock Radio)
32.Ungoliant-Mountains Of Madness(Doom Rock Radio)
33.Supermachine-Pill Cruise(Treadway)

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