rise and fall "hidden hands" official video

rise and fall "hidden hands" music video.

On a sunny sunday morning in October last year we invited close to 30 of our friends to our practice space in Ghent for the shoot of the first ever Rise And Fall music video. We didn't invite them to act like they were the crowd or anything, no, we invited them to be Rise And Fall.

From 8 in the morning 'till sunset, footage was shot of our friends pretending they were Rise And Fall. It resulted in 8 hours of footage which was later distilled into a 112 seconds long video by director Mathieu Vandekerckhove who also filmed the whole project. All this hard work, and sweat (we kept the heat at full blast in our practice space), resulted in a visual and auditive whirlwind that will commence after you hit play. Turn it up loud, watch it full screen and in HD if possible! We wanna thank everyone in the video and especially Mr. Vandekerckhove who spent hours on end editing this bastard.

Look for members of Oathbreaker, Congress, Hessian, Reproach, Kindred, Amenra, Kingdom, Blind To Faith, Insult, Inhume, The Rott Childs, Kabul Golf Club, Kapitan Korsakov, Drums Are for parades, Minor Thieves, Vermin Twins, Officer Jones, Morrocan, Control Records, Rhythm To The Madness, Justice, Filler, Joshua's Song,... all bands we advise you to check out and find out what's going on in Belgium in 2012. Thank you.

Directed by Mathieu Vandekerckhove
RISE AND FALL "Faith" CD/LP/Digital available everywhere March 20th.

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