Calf - A Constant Loss Departs From The Sentiment Of The Abandoned 2011 + interview

Calf is a post rock-noise band formed in Athens Greece in 2009. The music of calf is complex and can go to extremes as reflected in the songs. More than one musical ideas are visited in each song, sometimes peaceful and serene and others violent and intense. In 2011 the band released their first album by the name “a constant loss departs from the sentiment of the abandoned”.

interview with calf below

*why did you choose to play post rock-noise?
First of all we love these two kind of music. We like godspeed you! black emperor and we also like wolf eyes. But the most important thing for us is that through this compination we have enough space to expirement and use our instruments in a way that no other kind of music does.

*what is your source of inspiration? 
I don't think we have a specific source of inspiration. However we get inspired by our constant desire and effort to create something unique something that comes up to our expectations. This is mostly achieved through the "game" of creating sounds which includes alternative tunnings in our guitars and compination of the pedals that we use.

*tour plans for the 2012?
we have arranged to give some shows in greece and we also try to organize a tour in europe.

*what band do you wish you had most seen?
for each of us is different, so i am going to tell you four bands: joy division, slint, swans and my bloody valentine

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