zilla rocca - bad weather classic (dr. quandary remix) feat. mally & curly castro

zilla rocca - bad weather classic (dr. quandary remix) feat. mally & curly castro. Zilla Rocca - Bad Weather Classic (Dr. Quandary Remix) feat. Mally & Curly Castro by World Around Records

download the original "bad weather classic": link / bandcamp: zilla rocca

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"Earlier this year, Zilla Rocca made his World Around debut with the dark and stylishBad Weather Classic EP, which served as a perfect soundtrack for the waning winter months. For the third round of our bi-weekly single series, Dr. Quandary hooked us up with his remix of the title track, which features visionary guest verses from Minneapolis rising star Mally and Zilla’s Wrecking Crew associate Curly Castro.

Contrasting the driving rhythm and epic vibe of Face One’s original beat, the Dr. Quandary version is violently ethereal, with the drone of heavy bass and plaintive guitars washing up against jagged, dusty percussion. A rough edit of the song first appeared on a compilation by the French label DEZORDR this fall, but this is the first time that Quan’s original final mix has been made available.

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