xmas story from archiv hate

Dear haters,

most of all I would like to thanks all great artists and bands which get involved with short interview - holy mount, enchantress, hurric├Ąde, zilla rocca, strike a match, metsu, black smoke sermon, telepathy, mnttaB, moanaa, young hunter and bubonic bear. afterwards all other bands published to ARCHIV HATE. I am thankful that you are sharing your achievement with us - archiv hate & whole wide world.
ARCHIV HATE visitors - thank you for your *support. without you it would not be possible to be there where I am right now. thank you for your visits.

ARCHIV HATE is a new world for me. all of you are part of my world.

*support all your favorite bands and artists - visit their shows, buy their shirts, cd's, cars, houses and everything else.

merry xmas everyone!

--ARCHIV HATE is me, one man, promoting great artists and good music.
don't be hated
spread a word and share ARCHIV HATE

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