Telepathy - Fracture 2011

Short interview with telepathy after the jump.

*future plans for the telepathy?
Hey! At the moment we are focusing on playing as many shows as we can until the end of the year, the E.P was only released two months ago and its still very flattering to us how many blogs and sites have picked up on it in such a short time.

We are looking to do a very limited edition Digipak CD release of the E.P through our bandcamp store which will be available before the end of the year hopefully, aswell as writing for what will become our second release, taking the ideas of Fracture and expanding on them, making the music crazier, more intense and hopefully just improving ourselves and musicians and songwriters.

*Fracture cover-art is amazing. done by band members?
Thanks very much and yes the artwork was drawn up by our drummer Albert, he's an amazingly talented artist and we were really happy with the way it came out.

*Who is someone who you’re interested to see performing live?
At this moment I'm really looking forward to seeing the Melvins in November and Killing Joke next year. This year has been really great for gigs so far , and i'm really lucky to have seen a lot of my favourite bands in the past such as The Cure, Bjork, Dillinger Escape Plan, Primus, Mastodon, Faith No More and Tool.

We're also all really excited to be playing with and seeing Kruger and Lattitudes in a couple of weeks, as well as some other great bands like Mother Trucker, Nebukadnezza and Keeper of the Rifle in London.

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Telepathy - Fracture
Cover art by band member Albert Turek

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