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short interview with zilla rocca!

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short interview with zilla rocca

Actually I found Zilla Rocca inadvertently. I was looking for the artists who are similar to Dälek. I saw Dälek performing live, they were playing before ISIS. Are you playing shows together with metal bands?

I haven't performed with metal bands in probably 7-8 years when I was in the group Crooked Soul with Starkey. I wouldn't mind giving it a shot though. Dalek is really dope. I've seen them play once here in Philly but I've never performed with them.

Can we find Zilla Rocca band members in Black Cherry video?
Zilla Rocca is me, one guy. I'm an emcee/producer from Philadelphia and sole proprietor of Three Dollar Pistol Music. You can catch up on my catalogue as a solo artist and as one-half of 5 O'Clock Shadowboxers alongside producer Blurry Drones on my bandcamp page: http://5oclockshadowboxers.bandcamp.com I make Noir Hop: danger, sex, betrayal, busted street lights, seedy alleyways, crime, suspense, loose women, broken guns, and a moral center trying to make sense of it all.

Who is someone who you’re interested to see performing live?

zilla rocca & archiv hate.

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