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short interview with strike a match

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short interview with strike a match

*kind like a punk lifestyle? what made you to play punk?
I don't see myself creating any music that's not DIY hardcore punk. Through punk we can create a pathway to a new world outside the world without outside; outside the totality of capitalism and its byproducts: greed, small minded-ness, sexism, racism, speciesism. I'm not saying this scene is perfect, of course, but it has potential. Punk is a way, however feeble, to liberate and reclaim occupied territory. Whenever I go to a regular rock concert, I feel totally alienated. Punk is for people who love music, and hate the industry. For friends who like playing for friends. For us.

*twelve bottles of Jack Daniels or 12 boxes of beer?
The unstraight edge population of the S.A.M. Nation would go for the beer, at least on certain occasions, and if we have 12, we share with friends. But most of the time, for all of us, the answer is: orange juice.

*who is someone who you are interested to see performing live?
With Strike a Match we have had the pleasure of playing with some of our favorite bands such as the brilliant Bernays Propaganda, XAXAXAMasshysteri, End of a Year, From the Depths; Oslo-friends like Dark TimesDeath is not Glamorous, Common Cause, Evolve, Problems; and the golden triangle of Faro Crew bands Broken Distance/Critical Point/Pressure. Some bands I haven't seen live yet that I would love to, are: 1981, Good Throb, Tubers, Facel Vega, Foreign Objects, Daniel Striped Tiger, Rearranged, Hysterics, HygienePeaceBaton Rouge, the Bone Idles and of course UmeĆ„'s Healthy Diet.

Punk love,
Erik Anarchy/S.A.M.

strike a match & archiv hate.

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