Black Smoke Sermon - Jam Space Recordings 2011

Short interview with black smoke sermon.

*what are your lyrics about?
Basically the lyrics I write tend to make a commentary on the bleak outlook on humankind in general. There is a lot of metaphor reflecting society and just how fucked up we are as a race. An example "In Smoke and Fury" the lyrics when read seem to be a bit of a narrative about someone arriving at the "new world" after a long, hard journey at sea, only to arrive that all the old problems still remain and just giving in to the darkness that has been hovering over him the past months at sea. It speaks the death on the voyage and how only good men have met death on the way while the evil and wretched survive past those who truly deserved to be heralded. We have another song called "Up on High" which is about tyranny pressed down upon everyone and the routes we use in which to escape it if just for a little while (inhale this smoke, carry me away, fuel to lift me on high, to touch the scorching sun). I want the lyrics to reflect how the world we live in is completely fucked basically.

*what is your source of inspiration?
Basically the source of our inspiration for our music is based on past experiences or things we find interesting and can tell a story about.

*who is someone who you’re interested to see performing live?
There are so many great bands playing right now, Baroness, Electric Wizard, Neurosis, Sleep, Thou, Earth, and Rwake.

We also would like people to check out the Dallas Hardcore forum for shows in the Dallas Texas area and to check out some of the great local bands that Dallas has to offer like Tyrannosorceress, Mountains of Shit Rivers of Piss, Four Days to Burn, Vaste Burai etc.

black smoke sermon & archiv hate.

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