Tunguska Mammoth - First Chapters 2011

"With the growing desire to play their own music not fit for their cover band, GPS, Maxime Bellerose (ex-Lacrimae Mortalium), Paolo Di Stefano and Mathieu Savage decided to get together with drummer Pierre-Hugues Rondeau (ex-Hope&Horror), to try and fill this void. After a few rehearsals jamming on Melodic Metal riffs, the sound naturally progressed towards wahat Tunguska Mammoth is now: a combination of the energy of Metal and Hardcore mixed with Stoner groove and progressive rock’s intensity. Their first EP intitled “First Chapterse”, corded in their own rehearsal studio, serves as an introduction for the band’s forthcoming concept album. Tunguska Mammoth has played its first notes and wants to be heard."

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