Hurricäde - Pariah's Pharos 2011 + Interview

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In Estonian Hurricäde means - hurricane? it is the same meaning for the band name?At the choosing, we just looked for a free interpretational name, everyone can find his meaning. For us, Hurricäde are the songs we play, what we feel, what we do and the friendship between us. We didn’t know that it means hurricane in Estonian, nice!

how many Hurricäde live performances have already been?We played around fifty shows since 2008, although we started the band a year before, we didn’t perform on the first year. One of the shows we like to remember was playing at Sant Feliu Fest, a great DIY festival which we already went as audience for many years. And in general, what we like most is getting a van and playing in places where we’ve never been.

who is someone who you’re interested to see performing live?
Many! For exemple we haven’t seen (and we’d like to) Van Johnson, Masshysteri, Shora, Comadre, Tribute To NothingTrono de Sangre! We’ve both released our album with Caleiah records, but we haven’t met yet (on September’s tour we will!). And always, a H.H.H or Fugazi reunion!

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