Holy Mount - We Fell From The Sky 2011 + interview

Short interview with holy mount after the jump.

how did you all get involved?
Usually, Danijel have a main idea. From a few general riffs and melodies, each person ads their own through long jams. We usually just depend on a right feel to know when its done, or sounds right - never thinking about a song too much. Thats why its very simple and melodic. Brandon plays the bass as a guitar I think, and our sound depends a lot on that. Troy, the drummer, is super lazy and never over-thinks a part. He is just a super natural drummer. I just seem to float a lot on top with the guitar and vocals.

what is your source of inspiration?
It seems to be the very obvious stereotypes that come with psychedelic music. Thinking about nature, and space. Living in Canada makes all that easier since nature is an essential part of everyday life - to almost everyone it seems.

who is someone who you’re interested to see performing live?
I think everyone in the band would love to see Sleep live. None of us have. Then of course there are a ton of other bands that dont come to North America much, if at all. Like UFOMAMMUT from Italy. Seeing Dead Meadow is always amazing. And of course our local bros Quest For Fire are great to see and play with here in Toronto.

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