Enchantress - Visualize 2012 + Interview

Short interview with enchantress after the jump.

*you are friends with HOLY MOUNT. have you discussed an idea to make HOLY MOUNT and enchantress supergroup? something like Loutallica (lou reed & metallica)?Well in the beginning, Tom was the bassist for Holy Mount. He played with them up until just before their single "Breeze Blows West" came out. Around that time he had already recorded some demo of what he wanted he really wanted to play. I think he knew he wanted to pursue his own version of heavy rock, and I think the time was just right when we got in touch about jamming together. In short, no, we have never discussed a super group, but we already share influences by virtue of proximity.

*enchantress myspace blog page states that you were looking for a drummer. it seems that this problem is solved now?Yes, Tom and I only talked for a short while about the endeavor before he knew he wanted me to drum for him. I'm happy to say it has been working out ever since. Knock on wood...

*who is someone who you’re interested to see performing live?
I think I can speak for all of us when I say we'd all really like to see the original lineup of Kyuss with Josh Homme play one day, and of course Dead meadow, Earth, and my personal addition to the list, My Bloody Valentine.

enchantress & archiv hate.

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